Tillers Under The Sea

By: Joshua Muller

The Ocean Sports Club – a club dedicated to spear fishing, body boarding, and having fun under the sun. Being an outdoor related club, students take trips to the beach to enjoy what the ocean has to offer.

I joined club members Caleb Bullock and Nolan Swoboda on a trip to Huntington Beach to dive and spear fish. To spear fish, swimmers dive with a hand held spear or spear gun, of which requires a license.

Suiting up at the shoreline, I asked Nolan what kind of fish we will expect to see. He responded, “There are mostly Calico Bass that are a dark color, and Garibaldis which are orange, but illegal to hunt. Also, little sand Rays, and maybe a Great White.” “Great White?” I asked. “A Great White shark. They usually migrate here around this time.” Knowing we might see a Great White Shark discouraged me from getting in the water, but I thought it would be cool to get on camera. We entered the water and swam about 200-300 yards out immediately coming across sea life. Sand rays roamed the seafloor, large packs of kelp floated on the surface, and Calico Bass and Garibaldis swam in large groups but scattered once we got close. Down to the depths of the ocean they go.

We stayed in the water for two hours, only coming back to shore when we caught a fish, and returned to the water for another two. At the end of our deep sea adventure, Nolan and Caleb were ecstatic to catch two fish- only good for one small meal. I asked them, “Why are you that happy we only caught two fish and we were out there for hours?” They responded with, “It’s just fun to be out there and eat something you caught.” I asked Caleb Bullock if this is what they do in the Oceans Sports Club. “This is what WE do but other guys like to go fishing and even surfing. It’s all ocean related stuff.” Club members enjoy participating in the Ocean Sports Club because they are surrounded by like-minded individuals, can take a break from studies, and go out to the ocean for some fun and adventure.

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