Bordertown From One Teen’s Perspective

By: Emily Crowl

Heads up America, a controversial firestorm is approaching. On January 4th, FOX debuted “Bordertown”, a show akin to American Dad and the Simpsons. “Bordertown” focuses on the relations between a Mexican family and a white American family who are neighbors in a fictional town “Mexifornia” that lies on the Mexican/American border.

An excellently executed satire, “Bordertown” focuses on current political issues in America such as abortion laws, gay rights, and of course, more heated than ever– the immigration law.  

Keeping true to the principles of a satire, Bordertown draws up a caricature of Americans and Mexicans, depicting Americans as fat racist rednecks who are strictly against gays and all for abortion. Mexicans on the other hand are depicted as party-goers, wrestling and game show-lovers, and let’s not forget about tacos/burrito/quesadilla lovers! To be fair, both races are portrayed in an equally racist way.

The premiere of “Bordertown” is perfectly timed as it is an election year. In the pilot of “Bordertown”, a reform is announced, somewhat “Trump-ish” in nature. This situation draws up a hilarious comparison between the misconception of Donald Trump’s immigration reform and actual reality and brings to light how blown-out-of-proportion the misconception is.

Overall, “Bordertown” is an excellent show to watch for audiences seeking humor in current politics or wish to have a fresh comedy to view. It’s a great way to lighten up and learn to laugh in the face of serious topics. “Bordertown” is a fresh, comedic media that presents political topics in a unique way that leaves you questioning your own opinions.


If interested, “Bordertown” is on FOX on Sunday nights 9:30/8:30c.


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