4 Tips to Stay Awake During Class

By: Jacqueline Chavez

So, you’re sitting in class, working hard like the scholar you are. Then suddenly your eyes start to feel heavier and you begin to nod off. We’ve all been there.

Falling asleep during class, although very tempting, isn’t how you should be spending your class time – you should be spending it focused on whatever lesson the teacher has planned for the day. Although, you won’t be able to focus when you’re busy trying to catch some Z’s. So don’t worry, here’s four tips you can use next time you can’t seem to stay awake.

1. Drink some water

Although a very simple action, drinking water can actually help with drowsiness. Having woken up early to get to your first class, it’s only natural for your body to still be in sleep mode, and you’ll most likely be tired for your other classes too. Drinking a glass of water will not only re-hydrate you in the mornings, but your metabolism will get a kick start too.

2. Ask to go to the bathroom

If you’ve been drinking water all day, odds are you’ll have to go to the bathroom anyways. However, getting up and walking around can help you stay awake, and while you’re in the bathroom splash some cold water on your face to help wake up.

 3. Stretch it out

As suggested by our very own Gwynn Van Houten here at Tustin High, stretching could also be a big help in staying awake during class. Like getting up to use the restroom, stretching also involves movement of the body. Stretching out while sitting in your desk or even getting up and touching your toes “will help your feel a bit more relaxed”. Your limbs will feel loose and your focus would be back to the lesson being taught in class.

 4. Get a Good Night Sleep the Night Before

Fellow students, this one cannot be stressed enough. It’s probably the most obvious tip to help stay awake during class and yet it’s the one people seem to avoid or forget about. We all work hard everyday so it’s no surprise when we just want to have some time to ourselves, but don’t always want to go to sleep. Instagram can wait, and you’ll probably regret not going to sleep anyway.

So there you have it folks.Though these were all very simple movements and actions, they could be the thing helping you stay awake all semester. Have any more you think should be added? Comment down below any suggestions you might have.

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