Tell Me I’m Pretty

By: Karley Bailey

“Tell me I’m pretty.” In a sense, this is a phrase almost every human has thought at least once in their mind. Most people can say they love the feeling of being called beautiful. Whether it be someone admiring your personality or looks, compliments are perceived as a kind gesture in all forms. That being said, the phrase perfectly transcends the beauty and solemn essence of well renowned rock/indie band Cage the Elephant. “Tell Me I’m Pretty” is now not only a phrase, but is now the name of Grammy nominated, Cage the Elephant’s brand new album.

Cage the Elephant proved themselves in their last album, “Melophobia,” that they are not only a band that makes catchy, hip songs like “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked,” but that they are also a band that strives to convey the emotions hidden deep beneath the surface. With their hit single “Cigarette Daydreams”, they inspired a sense of sentiment with teenage romanticism. This song immediately drew in the teenage community because of it’s lyrics, //you can drive all night looking for the answers in the pouring rain//. Cage the Elephant’s music is not only the kind of music you can dance to, but the type of music that drives you into deep transcendental thought because of the surreal meanings behind it. Because of “Melophobia’s” high popularity, “Tell Me I’m Pretty” has high expectations among the rock world.

Cage the Elephant’s first single released off “Tell Me I’m Pretty,” is “Mess Around.” It has already became a chart topper because of it’s catchy chorus //Ahhhh no no no, No she don’t mess around//. Although this song is no die-hard fan favorite, it is popular among the general public and because of this, has been played repeatedly on rock radio stations. Their other newly released song is “Trouble”. “Trouble” is beautiful. The synchronized beats of the guitar and the drums in this song are undeniably euphoric. Cleverly alluding to their song “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked,” with the lyrics, //you know they say the wicked get no rest//, this song exemplifies the true talent behind the diverse artists which make up Cage the Elephant. The song released, “Too Late to Say Goodbye,” is very similar to the sounds of the Arctic Monkeys. It holds a strong and definite emotional voice. Relating “fire” and “flames” to an abusive relationship, Cage the Elephant captures the raging emotion behind this album.


“Tell Me I’m Pretty”  is definitely a pretty sight, and seems to be living up at all expectation. The album comes out on December 18th, so make sure to grab your copy before it sells out.

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