Daddy Day-Wear

By: Jocelyn You

We always made fun of our dads (or any father figure) growing up. With their strictly socks-and-sandals barbecue attire and their Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirts, what wasn’t there to make fun of? Too cool for our dads, we grew into teenage-hood with skinny jeans, Stussy crewnecks, Active hoodies, and Vans sk8-hi’s. However, as the trends started changing and logo-imprinted clothing became tacky, we gradually turned our closets into… our dads’. At least for the winter, anyway.

This winter, dad jackets are at an ultimate high in the teenage world. Whether they’re from Goodwill or purchased for $80 from Tommy Hilfiger, the typical middle-aged dad jacket is gaining popularity in many forms. From oversized denim jackets lined with sheepskin fur to windbreakers and corduroy coats, teenagers are slipping out of their youthful clothes into a blast from the past- or a hand me down from a middle-aged man somewhere. Who would’ve known that the dad-on-a-camping-trip look would be so cool in 2015?

Along with the super-cool-stylish-dad aesthetic aspect of the jackets comes the warmth. As the temperatures drop below seventy in Southern California, people are desperately trying to keep their body heat intact. Jackets, being the perfect way to stay warm, are in high demand, and didn’t we all take our dad, uncle, or grandpa’s jackets as kids? Sounds like the ideal way to stay on trend and warm at the same time.

Dad jackets are in. Trust me.

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An oversized, denim coat with a shearling lining is like bringing the dads of the 1990’s back. Since it is not tightly fitted, its shapeless fit hangs loosely off the body, providing a comforting and warming feeling- just like dad’s jacket used to bring. It’s the type of jacket a dad keeps for a few decades but refuses to throw out because “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Urban Outfitters, $149


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetWhatever a dad wears is automatically the less-cool version of the actual cool thing. In this case, it’s the leather jacket. Harley Curtis, on the right, poses in an oversized, less shapely leather jacket with a few creases and a noticeable sheen as opposed to a fitting, sharply cut leather jacket. Despite its initial nose-wrinkling appearance, Harley’s jacket brings the cool back from the dead, paired beautifully with a gold chain, oversized emblem ring, and a clean white tee.

On the left, I am sporting a Stussy oversized windbreaker/trench coat hybrid with a hood. Dads are the best at rocking an oversized fit, and I’m keeping with the trend by pairing it with more feminine pieces such as vegan leather shorts, a cropped tank, and platform sandals.

IMG_7932Stussy, $193


Again, Harley Curtis is rocking a dad jacket. The way oversized, trench coat look that was once worn by middle-aged men going to work is now hanging on the ever-so-cool Harley Curtis’s shoulders. Paired with a plaid shirt and pants that fit in the same color scheme, the outfit is effortlessly trendy.

IMG_0749Former student, Anthony Torquato, sports a thrifted red corduroy jacket (that matches perfectly with my red dress!). Its unusually bright color and useful pocket takes us back to a time when Danny Tanner was dad of America.


IMG_0750Another former student, Brenda Negrete, makes a wish in her thrifted oversized denim button-up. Although not necessarily a jacket, it is worn as one by many teenagers today. The button-up throws a more masculine element onto a girly piece such as Brenda’s dainty tank and necklace.


With the dad jacket outfits getting their long-awaited spotlight, more and more teenagers are rummaging through thrift shops or paying big dollars for these precious gems. Join the dad jacket movement today, and embrace the old school, lame-turned-stylish look of 2015.

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