A Gamer’s Paradise

By: Kayla Brunner

Gamers, competitive students and friendly people alike can find their home at Tustin High’s Smash Bros. Club. Meeting every snack, lunch and even after school in room 226, this club prides itself on being Tustin High’s home for gamers. But even if you aren’t a gamer, this club has an inviting atmosphere that makes everyone want to join.

When Super Smash Bros. Club started last year, no one really knew what would happen, and they didn’t anticipate how popular it would become. It began as a few kids playing around a TV in Mr. Marquez’s classroom, and as time went on, more and more kids joined. Now, if you go into the classroom, it’s packed with eager gamers all ready to get their chance to play.



Of course, this club wouldn’t be what it is without the dedication of the club’s advisor – Mr. Marquez. A gamer since he was young, it’s clear that this is something he loves to do, even saying, “I’ll probably die with a controller in my hand.” You’ll even find him playing alongside students, and always knows about the latest in gaming news. Mr. Marquez has even allowed the club to play on his own personal console, and even bought one for the club.

For those especially invested, the club hosts bi-weekly tournaments for different titles and rankings within the classroom. The club’s president, Riley Edwards is also a longtime gamer, and expressed his love for the club. “It’s an outlet for people to come and play Smash.”

When you first join the club, Mr. Marquez will add you to his Haiku page, which is always filled with club news and information. You can see kids rankings in the clubs, and there’s even videos to help students become better Smash Bros. players.



However, this year, the club has even more games for kids to play. Mario Party, Just Dance, Pokemon and Mario Kart are only a few options for students to play. And in March of next year, Mr. Marquez wants to bring Street Fighter V to the club. The students in the club want to allow as many students to join as possible, and so they’re constantly introducing new games to play. In February next year, Smash Club is going to be introducing Street Fighter Five, only proving how diverse this club.

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