“Little Shop of Horrors” Is A Must See

By Nayeli Medina

Tustin High School has a variety of talents ranging from sports, music, dance, and visual performing arts. Theater specifically has made an impression with a variety of performances from musicals to successful shows that demonstrate the passion of students who strive to improve every performance; they make these plays come to life.


The theater department produced,  “Little Shop of Horrors,” which tells the story of a clumsy but intelligent boy who happens to find a strange plant that promotes business for a flower shop that has problems because of their inconvenient location–“skid row.” The boy, Seymour, happens to fall for his friend, Audrey, a beautiful and caring person who only looks at the good in people. Unfortunately, she dates a dangerous guy who treats her as unworthy. He finds joy in people’s pain, and hopes to become a dentist to make his mother proud. Eventually, Audrey realizes her worth and finds happiness with Seymour, the boy she felt she was unsuitable for. The majority of the play is narrated by three urchins who speak for the audience and make the play a little more comedic.

Come out to watch this highly impressive performance that will leave you in awe with the talents of our students here at Tustin High. The shows are for three days only, December 2, 3 and 4 starting 7 pm in the Little Theater. The tickets are $7 presale and $10 at the door. Support the theater students and find out what happened with the mysterious little plant and the pain loving dentist. 



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