Faith Alive at Tustin High


By: Golda Fulmer

Tustin High School – where students come and express themselves, the place where kids choose to stand out or blend in with the rest of the student body. On our campus, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or FCA, makes sure to help students stand out all year long.

Meeting every other Wednesday in the Old Gym, FCA makes sure to share its love through guest speakers and encouraging messages. The best part is, you don’t have to be an athlete or a Christan to be a part of FCA.

Karis Acosta, co-president of FCA explained, “Our purpose for FCA is to spread the Gospel through love, and we like to go and evangelize and use our faith and religion to love people on campus who need it. That’s what we’re aiming at trying to do.” With this said, anyone is welcome to be part of the fellowship and participate in FCA’s activities.

A unique quality of FCA is that it’s not just another club that meets once-a-week. In fact, do a lot of events outside of Tustin High. “We like to have little movie night get-togethers where we go to someone’s house,play games, hang out, and then we watch a Bible related movie like God’s Not Dead, and we like to go and do community outreaches where we go help the homeless and other things like that,” said Karis Acosta. You can be certain that there will always be something happening with this bunch both on and off campus.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes have a busy year ahead of themselves, with great new ideas and activities. Karis Acosta explains how ecstatic she is for the 2015-2016 school year, ”We’re expecting growth, we’re expecting a bigger club, we have a new curriculum we are using this year so I’m expecting more powerful messages, a better atmosphere for the club, more fun and games. I’m excited for this year.” This year will be bigger and better than ever, so stay up to date with the awesome events to come this school year.

FCA is a club solely based on love, friendship, fun, and union in Christ with other believers. Through this union, their passion is spreading God’s love from the student body to the community outside of the Tustin High School walls. In this club alone there are no boundaries as to where their ministry can go, but there is one thing for sure: the FCA club is not just another program or group of people meeting every other Wednesday at lunch, they’re a family.

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