Undertale Review

By: Kayla Brunner

Spaghetti, skeleton brothers, and a goat mom – Undertale has it and so much more. Published on September 15th by Toby Fox, Undertale brings nostalgia to fans of series like Earthbound, with a story-driven RPG and crazy antics that are sure to surprise players.

In a sense, Undertale is an onion. It hides under a childlike facade with happy music and a seemingly innocent story.¬†However, as you progress further into the game, you discover that Undertale has a few tricks up its sleeve. At one moment you’ll be faced with a psychotic flower claiming that this world is “kill or be killed,” and next you’ll be going on a date with a skeleton. Dating skeletons isn’t even half of the crazy things you’ll do in Undertale – you’ll send a dog to college, be on a game show, and you just might find your true love.

Besides the story, the game play is reminiscent of games like Shin Megami Tensei, where you can choose to kill NPCs or engage in hilarious dialogue in order to convince them to spare you. You can even get through the entire game without killing a single person, and it’s recommended to try and stick with this ‘pacifist route’ for a least your first play-through of the game. You won’t get the same enjoyment if you kill everyone your first time around.

Finally, one of Undertale’s greatest features is its music. It’s some of the greatest music in an indie game to date, and really captures the essence of Undertale. Just listening to the OST (original soundtrack) is enough to make you want to play the game.

Overall, Undertale is a fantastic game that may even win Indie GoTY, with dark and light moments mixed together into a fantastic game. It’s sure to stick with players long after they’re done playing.

If you want to pick up this game for yourself, it’s 10 dollars on Steam @ store.steampowered.com/app/391540/


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