The Beauty of Us

By: Jocelyn You

Known as the underdog between Foothill and Beckman when it comes to class, societal standards, and race, Tustin High has often gotten the shorter end of the stick. The truth behind Tustin High, however, is that its culturally diverse environment is what makes it triumph above the others. Faces from a multitude of heritages differ with unconventional yet alluring beauty, bringing forth a blend of exotic and diverse ethnic features. Taking a stand against society’s assumed standards of beauty (round eyes, long legs, full lips, straight noses), the students of Tustin High flaunt the physical traits of their ancestors with eyes full of meaning and smiles beaming with pride, all representing individuality and how beautiful diversity is.

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Linda McNeil, Junior – African American


Ahrize Faletoi, Junior – Samoan


Frank Remele – Freshman, Mexican/White
IMG_0361Sophia Garcia, Senior – Mexican/Filipino

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Kaleb Anderson, Freshman – German

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David Bohorquez, Senior – Samoan/Mexican/White/Ecuadorean/African American


Angie Nguyen, Senior – Vietnamese

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 presetHugh Bethell, Senior – British/Vietnamese

With the faces of Tustin showing different shades, features, and personalities that peak through the physical appearance, students of Tustin High represent faces of the world, all put into a single community that allows it to happen. No matter the racial backgrounds and their differences, Tustin High’s blend of students support each other. Here, there is no racism, no criticism, no looking down on others based on ethnicities and looks. Here at Tustin High, diversity is accepted and welcomed- it is looked at with light rather than darkness.

Here, we coexist.

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