Say Hello to Key Club

By: Nayeli Medina & Brisa Velazquez

Administrators who aimed to help others in their communities created Key Club in 1925 at Sacramento High School. From then on it has grown into an international club that has stretched from one country to the next, impacting the lives of not only students but people in different nations as well.

Tustin High School’s Key Club prepares for a new school year by brainstorming their current strategies, discussing their opinions on what it means to be a part of a devoted crowd, and figuring out how they will promote community service and friendship. Club meetings are held every Thursday in room 416 during lunch with students devoted to bettering their community.

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Key Club’s president, Kamiko Lozada, clarified a commonly asked question among students who are not a part of the club. What is Key Club? Is it a club where keys are made? Apparently, that is not the case here. She answered, “We volunteer at a lot of events within the OC area, so we go from events volunteering at food shelters, to serving food to the homeless and things like that.” They have participated in events such as the Division 4 Sandwich Making Event on September 12, 2015 held at Valencia Park in Irvine. Why should students join? Kamiko explains, “People should join because it’s [fun]. There is a lot of benefits being in Key Club especially for seniors; they get a lot of scholarships if they are really involved with the community. And what’s good about Key Club is that it is an international organization, so it’s well known throughout colleges. For underclassmen they’ll get to experience a lot and being involved with the community and things like that.”

To Key Club’s treasurer, Julio Reyes, the club has become something much more than just an extracurricular activity, it has become a place where students are able to create bonds with people that will last a lifetime. He acknowledges how the club has become more than just a group of friends, “Besides community service, yes community service looks really good but it also gives you another family. Key Club it’s not just in our school but also other schools, it’s a bond we all create and if you join Key Club it’s like you’re getting a second family and you’re getting to spend time with them and it never changes, you’re always going to spend time with them.” By joining students have the opportunity to make new friends, get to know people from other schools and those in their community also. The club is not only beneficial to its members but those they serve as well. As Julio puts it, “What Key Club does is more than community service, it gives people hope… it impacts those in need.” What may seem insignificant to some people may not be to those who are less fortunate, to some in the community it is the little things that matter.

Key Club will continue the new school year in Tustin High School with students who have been a part of the club for years, and receives new students with a warm welcome. Some of their upcoming events include Fall Rally at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday November 14 and MUN Conference – Help out for UNICEF at Tustin High School  on Saturday November 21.

So, if you happen to have free time, come join and be a part of something big!

Key Club Pledge:

I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.

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