Friends of the Universe

By: James Smith

What is the environment worth to you and how far would you go to help it? There are currently three students who have taken it upon themselves to create their own club. Jordan Meier, Andrew Wallace, and Harley Curtis are the founders of Tustin High school’s newest club “Friends of the Universe.” I had the opportunity to discuss the club with its three founders, asking them what their reason for establishing the club was. Jordan Meier had this to say “Friends of the Universe is all about spreading positivity, making friends, having fun and playing a little bit of hacky sack. We have something we want to do so we’ll just let anyone else who cares do it with us.” The current members have been getting involved in expanding their program, setting up meetings, and making  plans to assist in aiding our environment. The club has been an idea for a few years. Up until now the three hadn’t had the opportunity to express their cause and desire for the club’s creation. It’s important for the club’s members to share their hope to influence the school and it’s students positively and find others who share their passion in helping to bring a positive energy to the school and meeting new people as well.

But what exactly is Friends of the Universe and what is it about? That’s one question that isn’t too difficult to find an answer to. Friends of the Universe was created to raise awareness and to take initiative in protecting and recovering the natural state of our planet. The club has high hopes for its ventures including beach clean ups, hikes, and reviving Tustin High’s very own school garden. The club leaders have some ambitious goals they wish to reach. When asked why these ambitions mean so much to them, Andrew Wallace gave this insight; “We have our own group of friends but it’s not about that. We want to spread the same feelings to other people and meet others like us to help teach humans to respect their environment and themselves.” The club leaders definitely have a strong drive to succeed and don’t have any issue getting help from any fellow tillers along the way.

This club is currently putting in many efforts to expand itself; the club founders intend to branch out as much as possible by planning benefit gatherings to personally express their hope to reach people who share the same desire to be apart of something positive. As a club it can easily be seen that Friends of the Universe is one that stands out from the rest. With so many great intentions this club will not be anything short of spectacular, striving to make a change everyone will be able to see and enjoy. But why does this matter and why does it need to be done? Harley Curtis provided us with some understanding, “Why not you know? It’s something that needs to be done, but it’s almost like no one wants to do it, so we’ll do it ourselves.” With these three founders speaking so passionately about their purpose for their work, Friends of the Universe is a club all Tillers should keep their eyes open for.

Although the club is attempting to do something very positive with it’s creation it hasn’t been growing too exponentially. The founders of the club have said that they don’t have any concerns with adding new members, that in fact, they are very open to accepting new members. When asked if they had any words for people thinking of becoming new additions to their club, Jordan Meier had this to say “Don’t hesitate to join. We always want new people with positive vibes. If you want to help out the planet, have some fun, and learn how to play some hacky sack then this is the club for you.” Every time the members of this club get together you can tell it’s not just about creating a group but more about establishing a friendship.

It is clear to see that this club is going to work to produce something very positive. Anyone who has a passion to contribute to not only our school, but our environment, shouldn’t have a second thought that this is the club for them.


Edited by Kristina Ching

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  1. Jordan Meier says:

    this is some good stuff James!

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