All the Do’s of the Rainbow

By: Jocelyn You

It’s said that people change their hair when they’re heartbroken, but what about the people who changed their hair because they can never be confined to a certain standard or stereotype? As the years pass, people are getting more and more daring with their hairstyles. From roughly cut mullets to long, braided hippie hair to colors of all sorts- people have learned to express themselves from the inside out. Literally. From something that grows inside them to be shown to the world, playing with hairstyles is a way of avoiding routine and normality. The most reoccurring hair expression is hair color. Whether it be fluorescent pink or muted out lavender, hair dyed a color different than the norm is on the lookout at Tustin High.

DSC_0370 DSC_0377

Featured: Hannah Francisco, Junior

Hannah is known for being one of the trendiest of Tustin High. Always decked out in jean jackets or ripped denim shorts, Hannah stands out amongst the crowd in busy hallways. Her purple/pink combination flows through natural waves, representing her soft and feminine take on societal rebellion. Going against the social norms, Hannah lets her purple waves down with confidence.

DSC_0386 DSC_0378

Featured: Julia Klotz, Junior

Fitting Julia’s edgy look, her vibrant green hair cascades down her back in loose waves. Usually tousled and slightly messy, in a bun or in a ’90’s half-do, Julia wears her hair with pride. Whether she is wearing an oversized black windbreaker or a velvet halter neck dress, the essence of her being is well-presented through her style (and most standout-ish: her hair!).

Hair should match a person’s personality and serve as a way to express oneself in ways that words or actions cannot. Individualistic style is something to be celebrated, not hidden and kept secret. Go against conformity with the usual black’s, brown’s, red’s, and blonde’s of the world. Take a dip into the rainbow; learn to change colors as frequently as you change yourself. Forget the rules. Dye your hair crimson, ghost white, cyan, papaya, whatever you want.

Whatever you choose to do, do it with your head held high.

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