The One and Only, Mr. Martyn

By: Karli Stichter

“TOUCH DOWWWNN FOR THE TILLERS!!!!!!” yells Mr. Martyn in an animated voice at one of the Friday night football games. Although Mr. Martyn is a favorite teacher and coach at Tustin High School, he is most known as the sports announcer for Tustin’s Varsity sports. Whether it be football, volleyball, basketball, and sometimes soccer, Mr. Keith Martyn is either on the sidelines or up in the booth creating hype for the audience and the athletes. He is one of the biggest sports fans on campus, and throughout his fifteen and a half years at Tustin High, he has been actively involved in supporting as many sports programs and athletes as possible.  Alongside his sports announcing career, he coaches cross-country in the fall, and track and field in the spring.

Previous to coaching and teaching at Tustin High, Mr. Martyn coached cross-country and track and field at Corona Del Mar High School (his alma mater) since he was 19 years old. Eventually he decided to move on from a place he had always known, but continued to coach both cross-country and track and field when he was hired as a history teacher at Tustin High. Although, it wasn’t until about five years ago when his sports announcing career took off.  

Unaware of the opportunity coming his way, Mr. Martyn continued to coach and teach to the best of his ability. Between making class fun for students and creating bonds with students and athletes, he began to stand out in the Tustin High community. He was noticed for the enthusiasm and extreme spirit put forth on regular school days and school wide events.

Finally the opportunity arose to show his true colors. “Mrs. Trout asked me one day if I would announce a volleyball game. I enjoyed it and thought, ‘Well, I go to all the games anyway, so now I actually get to be apart of it.”

He moved towards announcing for other sports games and quickly became a favorite for the those in the stands as well as the athletes on the team. Last year, he kept track of how many sports games he announced in total; it came to about 60 games. Announcing sports games is one of his favorite ways to be involved at Tustin High, but  Mr. Martyn’s favorite part of announcing the games is “when something great happens and [he] gets to get excited; the most fun for [him] is when something good happens and the crowd goes wild.”

“What makes it so cool for me is that since I know and love the kids so much, I get this extra energy. I am actually a fan of the kids that are playing,” says Mr. Martyn.

Students love when Mr. Martyn is able to announce their games, to get them pumped up and say their names on the microphone. Senior, Varsity Volleyball player, Nicole Andreae says, “Mr. Martyn is an essential component of the team. He makes Tustin High School volleyball unique and memorable. Mr. Martyn knows how to pump us up through announcing, and it gives us confidence in our skill, pushing us to do our best. Without him, our games wouldn’t be the same.”

Alema Pilimai, one of Tustin’s outstanding Varsity Football players, says, “When Mr. Martyn announces my name at the game, it motivates me and reminds me that everyone in the stands is watching. With that attention, I have to make sure I play to the best of my ability and be the best leader I can for my team.”

Announcing sports came natural to Mr. Martyn. He explained that he’d been assembly commissioner in high school, and was voted “Most Obnoxious” in his senior class. He smiled and said, “I’m a Leo (referring to the horoscope sign). I always like to be the life of the party.” This is clearly shown through his natural ability to speak in front of crowds and people he does not know. Mr. Martyn draws people in through his light commentary and entertainment he brings to the field and the court.

Mr. Martyn has reached the end of his fifth year announcing football and volleyball games, and is ready for the hype of basketball season. Through his teaching, coaching, and sports announcing, Mr. Martyn has proved he is proud to be a Tustin Tiller and is not afraid to show his spirit to the students, staff, and people in the crowd.

This article is in honor of Mr. Martyn and all he does to make Tustin High School an exciting place that encourages students and athletes to take full advantage of their high school experience and to enjoy every second that they get to be a Tiller.


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  1. Emily Rodriguez says:

    You gotta love Mr. Martyn and everything he does for THS.

    Amazing article Karli!

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