A FANG-tastic night at Tustin High

By: Kayla Brunner, Jackie Chavez and Jackie Martinez

Tustin High’s fang-tastic homecoming dance was anticipated throughout the month of October. Being able to wear your costume to the dance was something new and exciting, and on October 30th it was beautifully executed. After the exciting homecoming game, students eagerly waited in line dressed in their Halloween costumes. Standing in line were cows, superheroes and even some video game characters, just to name a few.

Throughout the spook-tacular night, there were plenty of activities to keep students entertained like amazing food and group photos. But the highlight of the night was the music and dancing. The DJ was one of the best, playing songs from the early 2000s to today’s hits. Everyone was dancing along, including our own Homecoming Queen, Silvana Mendoza.

Not only was the music great but so were the costumes which you can check out at the bottom of the article.

Some couples embraced the Halloween spirit, coming in matching costumes. But it wasn’t just the students who were dressed up. Our very own Mrs. Primeaux was dressed in a classic witch costume.

Students were also able to get a group picture in the Little Theater for free; all fees were included in the ticket price.

On behalf of all the students who attended the dance, we would like to thank ASB for staying after the dance to clean up. We would also like to thank the teachers who took time out of their schedules to supervise the dance .

Though the event was only three hours long, it was pretty obvious everyone there was making the best out of the little time they had.

Walking around the event, you could see the students happily mingling amongst each other whether they were eating or breaking it down on the dance floor. “It was really awesome,” and, “something people should really experience for themselves,” as homecoming attendee Kayla Brunner stated. From the classic costumes to the rhythmic beats of the music, Homecoming was definitely a night to remember.

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