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By: Jocelyn You

I’m Jocelyn You- Tustin High’s very own Carrie Bradshaw. A senior in high school and second year journalist, I hold the place as fashion editor for The Pitchfork. As I’ve progressed from my first journalism class up until this point, I have traveled to Washington D.C. to represent Tustin in the Washington Journalism and Media Conference and landed an internship writing for LOCALE Magazine– a legitimate magazine that covers all of California, and get this: I’m the only one under eighteen working there.

Journalism with Mrs. Robinson has inspired me to want the absolute most. Writing has become the number one passion in my life, producing the greatest dream of living it up in New York City to write for a big-time magazine like Complex, Nylon, or Interview. Nothing about being “confined” in the halls of Tustin High has stopped me from walking towards my dreams on a daily basis. In fact, I’ve taken gigantic leaps towards my goals and I owe a lot of my success to Tustin High.

I came into Mrs. Robinson’s Journalism class wanting to write about fashion. As a sixteen year old, I was writing about Alexander Wang x H&M’s collaboration, the new Adidas collection, Kanye West’s “Yeezy season”. My style has progressed (thankfully) over the past year, and now I’m here sharing my favorite looks. From minimalist looks to mixing textures and cuts, from raw hems to denim on denim, my outfits vary on a daily basis. I crave boldness and welcome unconventional types of beautiful. Fashion, to me, is a way to get one’s aesthetics and personality out, and writing is an outlet to express genuine feelings. Follow me as I bring you along fashion through the eyes of the fashion editor.

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So Clean & So Fresh.

Focusing on a rather plain color scheme [white to light grey], I created a look that I intended to be clean. Contrasting against my tan skin, the color pops out more. The cropped shirt and billowy pants contrast each other well, giving me both a sporty and feminine look. Additionally, the rose gold Michael Kors watch gives the outfit the subtle pop of color that it craves, and the white Nike Air Force 1’s brings the outfit back to the ‘90s- back to a time when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was rocking these.

Top: Calvin Klein

Bottoms: Silence & Noise [Urban Outfitters Exclusive]

Shoes: Nike

Watch: Michael Kors


Denim x Denim.

Although the concept of this look was “denim on denim”, I contrasted the colors with a typical light-washed blue denim with an all-black pair of destroyed jeans. Using the denim bomber jacket as more of a top than outerwear, I bring more a solidity to my outfit- less movement, more structure. At the same time, the rips in my jeans mix up the textures, which I believe every outfit needs- something interest, something raw. Paired with tan, wooden heels just for the fun of it, this outfit gives off a casual modernist vibe.

Bomber Jacket: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Vans

Heels: Forever 21


I Just Wanna Be Successful.

For, more of a “grown-up” look, I paired trousers with a blousey-material top. To refrain from looking too old, I made sure the trousers were powder blue and the top had an interesting cut. Perfect for going to an interview for a culture, lifestyle, or fashion magazine (I actually wore this!), the interviewers will definitely have an eye on you. With the same heels from the previous look, I strutted around in them to add some dimension, height, and age to my look. Being seventeen and sounding like Minnie Mouse isn’t helping me out too much, so I might as well look the part of a working woman.


Bottoms: Forever 21

Heels: Forever 21

 I want to stress the importance of individuality and creativity along with being bold in your choices, whether it be looks, words, or actions. Anyone who dares to ridicule you for expressing yourself in whatever way is the one who loses. So be free and do your thing. Wear what makes you feel good, and be a fashion killa.

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