Welcome to T-Tech, Your Future

By Alexia Mitchell and Johnathon Froman

[Photo Caption: T-Tech: Where Teamwork Is Key to Success] The very first project the class worked on in their groups.
The very first project the class worked on in their groups.
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Tustin High School’s T-Tech program is the program that every student should consider taking. If one is interested in science, technology, engineering, or math, then this program is the perfect program for them. This program offers the opportunity to provide in-depth and hands on learning in the engineering world. T-Tech’s purpose is to introduce students to the many different engineering jobs that our future holds such a high demand for. One example of this is in the T-Tech Haiku page where it states, “The T-Tech Academy prepares students for a seamless transition into collegiate STEM programs or entry-level technology jobs.” The T-Tech program isn’t just one class, but is compiled of five different electives:


  1. Introduction to Engineering
  2. Principles of Engineering
  3. Product Design and Engineering
  4. Computer Science and Engineering
  5. Engineering Design and Development


One of the goals of the T-Tech program is to learn the basic principles of engineering and how to apply them in real life situations. This may range from building a robot to solving realistic challenges related to engineering.

However, the student needs to be responsible and willing to put in the effort to stay within the T-Tech program. One student, Johnathon Aguilera, a Junior at Tustin High, stated, “We [students] are at risk of getting kicked out of T-Tech if we do not do well in other classes.” This means that if you are thinking about entering T-Tech, be cautious and ask yourself, are you capable of taking on the challenges T-Tech brings to the table?

This rule may seem strict, but students in T-Tech have also said that the program is extremely fun. “I like being able to work with tools and parts that we are able to use in T-Tech,” said Johnathon Aguilera. Some examples of tools that are used by T-Tech students, include wrenches, screwdrivers, gears, and metal frames. Students also work with computers, using simulators and programming to complete tasks such as 3D designing.

The T-Tech instructor, Mr. Hernandez is a no-nonsense, strict, yet helpful and energetic person. He strives to make the program as engaging as possible, while also making sure his students stay on task. Ian Guiao, also a Junior in T-Tech, explained that Mr. Hernandez didn’t focus on homework, but instead on projects that students could work on together in groups.

“He’s straight to the point, but allows us freedom on the projects we work on”, said Guiao.

Most projects in T-Tech are worked on in groups. This shows how much T-Tech values teamwork and gives students experience in working with others. A skill they will exercise daily in their adult lives. One example of teamwork shown by T-Tech is in the picture below.

In essence, the T-Tech program is a great gateway for getting into an excellent college and possibly a great career. This program offers limitless opportunities, and should be considered by all students willing to put in the time and effort.


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