Dress Code Is Harshing My Vibe

By Jocelyn You

A common issue with high school students is the dress code policy. No midriffs, short shorts, spaghetti straps, drug or sexual related innuendos, hats, baggy clothing, etc. Students complain that being pulled out of class to change into a new set of clothes wastes valuable educational time. I mean, it’s ninety degrees daily in California, and we have to look on point all the time. What else are we supposed to wear? Turtle-necks and church pants?

You can wear turtle-necks and church pants if that’s how you feel, but the point is: thinking revealing and potentially offensive clothing is the way to go in a school environment is definitely not the way to go in reality. School and education are usually associated with professionalism. Students are expected to come to school in appropriate attire. Many students are bothered by this because they don’t believe looking good fits within the school’s guidelines.

Here’s where they’re wrong. For ladies, trousers, oversized button-ups, simple white or black t-shirts, rompers, outerwear, and midi dresses are in style. This covers up the midriff and is most likely not spaghetti strap. Utilize outerwear to your advantage. They can change a look completely.

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For men, minimalist t-shirts are in! Don’t fret over whether or not your shirt is appropriate for school. Just throw on a basic t-shirt and some jeans, and you’re good to go. Kanye West, a man looked up to by many-especially men, promoted the minimalist style in his Yeezy 2016 line at New York Fashion Week.

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There are ways to sport your preferred look and still be within dress code at Tustin High. Look at it this way- if you have real style, you’ll be able to stunt on anyone with any guideline to follow. Try it out. Dress well, but behave well… as well.


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  1. Roy Aldridge says:

    Flat cap stays on, sorry..unless I’m in a classroom, then I take it off. Or we are saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

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