Upsetting Loss For Girls’ Volleyball Despite Best Efforts

By: Benjamin Rodriguez

Tustin’s girls’ volleyball team got off to a quick start against a solid Segerstrom team. The Lady Tillers were unrelenting in their first game winning by a score of 25-13.

The Tillers started the second game off fast leading 7-0. The Jaguars were unable to get the ball over the net because of middle blocker Alibelle Pilimai (#16). However, after a timeout the Jaguars pounced on the Tillers taking the lead, 11-20. The Tillers were shocked by the sudden burst of life from the previously struggling Jaguar team. Segerstrom went on to win game 2 with a score of 25-13.

Once again the momentum switched, with the Tillers going up 7-0 after Alexis Rangel (#2) and Taylor Finley (#10) served and spiked the balls with perfection. And once again, Alibelle Pilimai with incredible hits, scored on those pesky Jaguars. Just as quick as the Tillers shut the door the Jaguars opened it and would not let the Tillers close it. Eventually, making the score 15-13. The game came down to the wire with a score of 23-23. The Jaguars finished the game with two consecutive points winning the game by a score of 25-23.

The fourth and final game showed how important  momentum is to winning.The Jaguars carried their performance into the fourth and  final game. The Jaguars went up 11-3, but the Tillers did not give up. Scratching and clawing their way back,  led by Pilimai’s outstanding performance. However, their efforts came up short. The Jaguars walked out of the Barn with a win.

Tustin’s player of the game, Alexis Rangel, displayed a solid spiking game, along with her solid serving game. The Lady Tillers’ next game will be at the Barn on Tuesday, September 29, at 4:30 PM against Estancia.

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