Leading the School Into ‘16

By: Jocelyn You

With a new school year comes the next generation of ASB members. Fresh-faced and eager to exude pure love for Tustin High School, the ASB kids work hard to spread spirit across campus. Whether it be long hours into the night setting up the next day’s assembly, or starting the rollercoaster wave at a football game, ASB members are scuttling around their full schedules to bring life and heart into the rest of the student body.

Last year’s graduating seniors and co-presidents, Amanda Nguyen and Brad Donahoo, are leaving to college in a week. With their efforts left behind as they embark onto their next journey, current senior and president, Angie Nguyen, has taken up their job. As ASB president, she is expected to lead the school into a successful, enjoyable year. So far with the Foothill game being over with and homecoming coming up, Angie has had a heavy workload in her hands, but she is working persistently to ensure a well-organized and spirited experience for all. When asked about her plans for the future of ASB and the school as a whole, Angie answered with a smile and full-confidence.


Q: What did you expect coming into this position? What did you not expect?

AN: I expected a lot of hard work. I wanted to take up Amanda’s job. I just didn’t expect how much I’d miss it once it’s time for me to leave it. I already miss it and I haven’t even graduated yet…


Q: What do you want the student body to be more aware of or active in?

A: School spirit! For games, for spirit week, for anything student related. We want active participants in every area of the school so that we all come together as a whole. We want to show pride in Tustin High.


Q: What are some upcoming events that students should look forward to?

A: The Beckman game for sure. We also have homecoming coming up, which entails both the dance and the game.


A determined and passionate personality is a deadly combination that will drive the school’s bond up to new levels. It is known that a monkey-see, monkey-do pattern is common within teenagers- so why not see spirit and leadership being encouraged and do things to support the school? When Angie’s term as president is over, a new one will take over, and it is Angie’s job to promote outstanding leadership early so that a consistent chain of legendary ASB presidents thrive in Tustin High’s history. 

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