Super Mario Maker Review

By: Kayla Brunner

Fans of Super Mario Bros unite, because Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka have made another fantastic game called Super Mario Maker. If you’ve ever felt like creating your own Super Mario level, this game is something you want to grab. Released on September 1st for the Wii U, it was originally planned to be the sequel to 1992s Mario Paint, but was instead marketed as Mario Maker at E3 2014, later changed to Super Mario Maker at E3 this year.

This game allows you to replicate the same Mario levels that you know and love with the simplicity of the Wii U’s touch pad and a little creativity.  If you aren’t all that interested in building levels, you’re still in luck! Millions of user-created levels have been designed ready for you to enjoy. Some are so simple that they’re solely designed for the player to stand still. But if you actually want to play, there are plenty options and styles for you to choose from. You’re even able to play Pac-Man if you really want too.


There’s endless opportunities to play and create.That’s what really makes this game one of a kind! As you play on, new building options unlock giving you more possibilities for your levels.

Amiibos are also an awesome feature while playing this game as it allows Mario to change into your different Amiibo characters. So If you don’t want to play as Mario, you can just grab your Amiibos and he’ll be that character. Of course if you’re like me and don’t own Amiibos, 10 Mario Maker gives you the chance to unlock those costumes by randomly choosing user-created levels for you to play through to, ultimately to rescue Princess Peach.

Of course, with the ability to use these tools however you want, you’re going to have those who abuse that power. With one million levels created, you have some that can really ruin your experience – from offensive phrases spelled out with coins to near impossible levels.

However, those levels are few and you can usually avoid them by reading the title. Though do note that tags aren’t implicated into the game yet. This makes it hard to find a level that you want and you end up having to search through them all.

These are minor flaws though but they don’t take away from the appeal of this game. This is a fantastic Mario game for all ages and really embraces your creativity. It’s definitely worth the price, not only for the endless creative options but also for the millions of user-created levels. Super Mario Maker is really something you can play over and over again.


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