New Year, New School, New Friends

By:  Daniel Camano, Evelyn Carrillo, Genesis Montes, and Johnathon Froman

It’s been a long summer, and now vacation has come to an end. Unfortunately, none of these four Tillers: Genesis Montes (freshman), Evelyn Carrillo (sophomore), Emily Crowl (sophomore), and Daniel Camano (freshman) knew how to react to the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year at Tustin High School. The four started off the school year by visiting different locations around the campus, getting to know the school,  its staff, and fellow peers better. For the freshmen here on campus, difficulties arose in finding their way around the strange, new campus; it is a very different experience compared to old middle school homes. However, the four featured here eventually became familiarized with the campus, and each other, and are now are ready to embrace the rest of their years at here at Tustin High School. During a interview, one freshman said, “Now that I am familiar with the campus, I am ready to face the challenges that Tustin High School throws at me”.

Starting the new school year isn’t just about the new classes, but about the adventures students go on with their peers. Generally we start off quiet and awkward since we do not know anyone, but that changes when we start talking to each other and we get to know our peers. The featured four got to know each other, what their names were and what grade they’re in by just taking random pictures together. Being new in high school can be difficult for many, but as time passes by, it gets easier. Sophomores Emily Crowl and Evelyn Carillo know this.

Opening lockers, finding classes, and making it through the first day was a challenge for some freshmen. Many freshman would say that the hardest part about the new day was finding and opening their lockers. Helpful teachers assisted confused students. One student exclaimed, “I was so glad when we were able to get help from the staff”. After that, locker opening proved to be less of a challenge.

Emily, Evelyn, Genesis, and Daniel have now settled into their new routines and are ready for a great year at Tustin High. Whether it be their first year here or they’ve returned to rule the school once more, exciting opportunities await.Though the future may hold uncertainty, all they can think of is having fun and experiencing what they’ve never experienced before.

School is not just about grades, but about the friends you make and people you  meet. Don’t forget to enjoy this year with friends because they will support you and make your day special. It’s not hard making new friends, we all learn from experience! Get out there and enjoy everyday by being the person that you are. Good luck out there and GO TILLERS!!!

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