The Bells’ll Be Back In T-Town

Tustin High School Bell Tower
Tustin High School Bell Tower

By Alec Ortega

It’s undeniably the voice of Tustin. It’s easily one of the most significant and visible structures on the Tustin High School campus—our bell tower. It’s been a part of the newly renovated version of Tustin High for a good eight years now and our campus just wouldn’t be the same without it. But what is its true purpose among the rest of the plaza? It kind of idly sits by seeming to casually blend in with the rest of the surrounding, not up too much, and without character.

But believe it or not this massive tower with its proudly displayed Tustin Tiller emblem used to ring at one point. Very few people on campus can actually recall its noble chime.

However, behind the scenes there are works to revive the school’s bell. Imagine it – A loud ring originating from the school’s heart–the commencement of first period class every single day. It’s a wild thought, and one that’s mostly seen or heard in the movies or on college campuses. How about a victory chime for every time the school’s basketball or football team wins a game? The very next day the tower’s loud speakers would bellow a distinguished victory song for team Tustin.

Although not intended for the bell tower’s original purpose such as a call to mass, ours would be unique in that it would fit with our needs and wants. An inaugural ringing of the bells is now being worked on by a few teachers with Mrs. Matos’ go-ahead. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready because next year Tustin’s once emphatic tower will be singing once more.


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