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By: Julia Klotz, Seth Williams, Bryan Silva, Neil Slater, and Vanessa Tang                 

 You can find friendship in some of the most unexpected places and times. Among these experiences is high school, where friendships are forged, whether it lasts longer than a solitary experience or becomes lifelong. Trial and error is a large part of finding these individuals with whom you are comfortable and able to express yourself freely. Kai Kunewa said he, ” was a bit nervous because it was new people and a new area,”  but he continued to try and make new friends. The continuous flow of such encounters just goes to show how friendship is not something immediate; it is something to be achieved and cherished. The human mind is programmed to seek out fellowship with one another, and those we find are more important than those who will oppose you, indefinitely.

During our four years of high school, we are continuously losing and gaining friends. We slowly learn who are our true friends and learn who aren’t truly there for you. Our friends shape us into who we are and greatly impact our lives. They change us for the better and support us in whatever we do. Our friends follow our silly ideas and bring laughter in even the worst days and for that, we love them.

Sometimes it’s hard to make new friends. Cade, a freshman here at Tustin High says, “When I first came to Tustin I was a little nervous to make some friends. But after a while I met some people who did the same things as I do.”

If you are having some trouble at first like Cade, check out these tips to make some friends:

  • Find people with things in common with you. Whether it be music, a book series, or a television show, the trick to a long- lasting friendship is having common interests. Mr. Trev, our freshman MUN teacher, says that in order to have a long-term friendship you have “common interests and strong relationships with them.”Julia 2
  • Venture outside your comfort zone. Talk to people that you don’t really know. If you never talk to people outside of your usual group, you would never meet new people. Similar to these experiences is the expansion of your comfort zone, and also venturing outside the barriers, as THS student Kenneth Gonzalez illustrated when he said “Eventually, I had to just talk to some of the other students, despite my inner nervousness, and they became good friends of mine.”Julia 4
  • Join clubs/ Get involved at school. Go support your school at home games, join ASB, start your own club. By being this involved and social around your school, you will be able to create many lasting friendships.Julia 6
  • Be yourself and talk to some of your friends’ friends. Chances are, they’re probably very friendly and want to be your friend too. Sophomore, Careli Barrios, recommends to “just be yourself”. She says, “Making new friends is very fun! Everyone should try it. Don’t be shy!”
  • Keep in touch! For those graduating, use social media to keep in touch with friends! It’s the easiest way to communicate with your friends from miles and miles away.
  • Smile and be friendly!

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  1. Roy Aldridge says:

    Friends? Let me commence the listing:
    Wile the Coyote
    Perry the Platypus
    Jack Sparrow
    The Joker
    Joe Higashi
    Aksor the Archon Priest
    Geese Howard
    The Red X
    Beast Boy

    ..should I continue?

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