Red Nose Day

By Vanessa Tang

May 21 will be the 30th annual Red Nose Day. Red Nose Day is a campaign first started by Comic Relief UK to raise money for young people who are living in poverty. It is a large event in the United Kingdom, but the campaign is also experiencing an increase in popularity in America. With the help of well-known celebrities, Comic Relief helps raise awareness of the issues that face those in poverty.

Large-scale organizations have also partnered with Comic Relief UK to support the Red Nose Day campaign. NBC, the national broadcaster, agreed to broadcast a three hour special about the campaign. Walgreens has agreed to sell the red noses and give all the proceeds to the Red Nose Day fund. M&M’s has also partnered with Comic Relief Uk and has expressed an interest in creating a nation-wide awareness building for the campaign. Bloomberg Media and Sprinkles are also signing on to benefit those in poverty.

If you want to become involved in this helpful and eventful campaign, you can learn more and be a part of the cause with the Red Nose Day organization. On the night of the show, you can also donate to the cause to help provide children some aid, or go to Walgreens and buy red noses to increase awareness. Most of the funds go directly towards the campaign as well.

With the help of celebrities and well-known companies, the Red Nose Day fund has been able to collect about 1,553,515,000 US dollars within the past thirty years. Comic Relief has been able to start thousands of projects across the world as well, and they continue to grow. Their projects in Africa have allowed 1 million children to get an education in even some of the poorest countries. Other projects they are working on are developing disability rights, preventing elder abuse, and, internationally, helping Africans establish land rights.

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