Don’t Walk On Red

By Milca Salazar

Red light, green light, yellow light. We are all familiar with these colors as a method to direct traffic, both auto and pedestrian. The lights have a meaning that maintains the flow of traffic and keeps cars and people safe. According to the law, red means stop, green means go, and yellow means slow down. But do we follow the law?

A fellow citizen from Tustin wrote a letter to the City Council. In his letter he addressed the issue of students from Tustin High School crossing the off ramp  on Red Hill Avenue at inappropriate times without obeying the “Don’t Walk” red light. He was worried because it is a dangerous crossing and anyone can get hurt if they aren’t careful.

According to “,” crossing the street when the red hand is showing counts as an “infraction” or a “misdemeanor.”  If a person is caught jaywalking, they will be given a ticket. Students given a ticket will have to face the consequences of an affected driving record and will have to pay off the ticket. The maximum cost of this ticket could be up to $114. This problem needs to be addressed because students oftentimes cannot afford the cost of the ticket and face life threatening circumstances if hit by a car.

Crossing the street when the red hand is on, and cars are speeding by, can lead to a terrible accident. There are cameras on many streets that can help with the detection of a pedestrian or record a vehicle-caused accident. The cameras provide proof and details about the accident that can overall help the police confirm information and if court trials are necessary.

Students know the rules of the road and should understand the consequences of crossing the street. The red hand means stop, and the white walking man means walk. If neither of those are engaged, then you are crossing the street in the wrong area or at the wrong time. Rules and laws are set in stone for the good of the public and should be respected. It is for our own safety.

Follow the rules of the road and the rules as a pedestrian; it’s as simple as that.

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