Help Earthquake Victims In Nepal


WIN_20150515_110105By Esteban Rios

An earthquake of a 7.8 magnitude hit Nepal, India leaving more than 7,300 people dead. The death toll may rise to 10,000. The earthquake also caused many injuries, collapsed buildings and an avalanche on Mt. Everest. The avalanche destroyed base camps on the mountain making it nearly impossible to climb.

The people  affected by the earthquake are now living in camps until everything has been rebuilt. The people affected by the earthquake are struggling, but surviving by the help of volunteers from the camps, and through aid from other countries. The earthquake has not only killed many people, but also destroyed many  historic and religious monuments, museums, and homes.

Many people outside of the country are raising money to help the people of Nepal. Most people inside and outside of the country say that the best way to raise money to rebuild the cities and villages in the country is through tourism, but that is going to be a challenge because most of the runways are blocked with piles of rubble. Groups like the Red Cross are on site to help those in need.

Tustin High School ASB has its own campaign to help Nepal through the Red Cross. Make donations in a red cup in your first period class. The class that raises the most money will win an ice cream/root beer float party.

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