Searching For What?


By: Vanessa Cuellar

Being a high school student, most adults do not realize that the world’s problems affect everyone, regardless of their age. Adults always question teens, asking us things like, “Why are you so stressed? Wait until you get into the real world.” They are unaware of the obstacles and decisions that teens have to face today. Zachary Apperson states his opinion on why this is saying ,”I think because they themselves are stressed therefore they feel that our stress must be inadequate to theirs.”Although they may seem small compared to paying car bills or rent, the decisions we make now affect the course of our entire lives. But the real question is, what exactly are we living for? What are we searching for that will provide us with happiness? No teacher, doctor, or scientist can answer that question because it is ultimately up to the individual. The search for the meaning of life can only be found in you, deep inside where your passion and dreams live.


There is no set of rules that list the steps to living a happy and prosperous life. No, instead we are thrown into the world, where obstacles and struggles are a reality and it seems that happiness lasts for only a moment. The search for happiness is a lifelong journey and being a teen, it seems as if life gets more difficult as adulthood comes nearer. Through every class period we are taught the curriculum in order to be “successful”. But does it teach us how to be happy? When or where do we start to look? Happiness isn’t something that can be taught, it is a feeling that comes with every accomplishment, goal, or passion that is achieved.


According to PBS’ What is Happiness article, they define it as the “thought of a good life, freedom from suffering, flourishing, well-being, joy, prosperity, and pleasure.” Happiness could also be that momentarily feeling of pleasure given from materialistic things such as new clothes or a new car. Or maybe happiness to you is given from another human being, through friends or relationships. However, we all know that that feeling of joy always seems to come to end and we are once again left with all the struggles in the world. So that brings me to my next question: are you searching for a happy life or a content life?
There is a major difference between happiness and contentedness. Happiness is a feeling that usually lasts momentarily, whereas contentedness is  a state of satisfaction. As we search for what we want in our lives, we must stop and ask ourselves whether this will make us happy or content? To live a content life means to live where you have what you need and are happy with that. You are not constantly searching for something new but instead looking at what you have and being grateful for it. Being content leads to being happy. When you realize that what you want in life is found, you’ll experience the tranquility that comes with it. To find what you were born for, explore your passions and desires. Dream big and set goals for yourself. This journey we call life is such a beautiful thing and the search for that meaning can only be found within you.


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  1. Mr. Howland says:

    For Vanessa Cuellar and Teens involved with the “Searching for What” editorial.

    I think teenagers nowadays don’t need to stress out about negative decisions and prosperity. Teens (at tustin high) have plenty of time to correct bad decisions and discuss these issues with good friends. Get involved in a Spiritual or Faith group. You will learn that life is so much more the finding Physical Prosperity.

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