What do you fear?


By: Tanya Soto

Insects, reptiles, presenting in front of a crowd, the future, being stuck in a daily routine, making the wrong decision, or perhaps love itself scares you. Fear evolves through the minds of the people you pass every day. Some are in a bubble, fearing the day it will pop; others are willing to pop that bubble themselves.

I decided to interview a couple of my fellow Tillers, to essentially give them an opportunity to confess, and perhaps move a little closer to popping that bubble. Just by interviewing some people, they already feared opening up. Sophomore Taylor Mitchell mentioned, “I probably fear public humiliation.” Life science and Biology teacher Mr.Easter states, “I’m scared of heights. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon and I can’t  get close to the railing.” Freshman Mariela Cruz opened up and said, “I fear that I’m going to end up alone.”

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What if we didn’t fear anything ? How plain and boring would our lives be ?  With no fears, there wouldn’t be any ambition left to face them, no adrenaline, no hearts beating at a rapid pace, no feeling of achievement, no spark… no bubble to burst.

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