Are YOU Ready For Mothers Day?

By: Cristobal Segura

Mother’s day is the day to show appreciation towards your mother. That doesn’t mean that it should be the only day you tell her you love her, but it should be a day where you just appreciate all the things she has done for you. Here are some gift ideas your mother would really like.

1. Take her out to dinner

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive restaurant, but just spending time out with your mom is one way to show her how much she is appreciated. Take her to her favorite restaurant and pay for her meal; it will be a definite success for this year’s mother’s day.

2. Buy her flowers

They can be her favorite colors or they can just be glamorous, either way they’ll look great coming from you than from any other person in the world. More flowers means more happiness!

3. Buy her something she’s always wanted

That heartwarming feeling of seeing your mom smile after she sees what you have done will greatly make her appreciate everything she has.

Make a family video for her

Gather up all your family videos and pictures and take the time to view them again with the entire family. Not only will it bring back memories, it will warm her heart knowing that you are a part of her life.

5. Go to the movies

One good way to spend the day with your mother is watching an amazing film of her choice. What makes it better, is that she’s watching it with you. It’s not expensive and it’s an amazing way to kill time with her. If you can’t afford to send her out, watch a movie at home and make her pop corn.

6. Basket of chocolates

If you’re not ready to hear the screaming of excitement coming from your mother, I suggest a different option. A basket of your mother’s favorite chocolate will leave her astonished and really happy.

7. Take her to on exotic vacation

For those who like to be the “favorite child” and have some money stored up somewhere, a trip to Hawaii or even Paris would be a great idea and fun experience for your mother. Some places you would like to consider may be: Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, etc.

Gifts aren’t really that important on Mother’s day, but they do leave a warm hearted feeling. Just appreciate your mother today, and for the rest of your life.

Some students from THS tell us what they’re going to do for Mother’s day.

Sabastian, Junior – “I’m going to take her to dinner, buy her some flowers and chocolates.”

Juan Alonzo, Senior – “Probably taking my mom out for dinner and buying her some flowers, maybe give her a special mother’s day card.”

Cristain Ramirez, Senior – “I’m going to take my mom to eat, buy her some flowers, get her some Michael Kors or take her to forever 21, spoil her cause you know, I’m a momma’s boy. I love her to death and that’s what you got to do.”

Yvette Ramirez, Senior – “I’m planning to take my mother to eat at her favorite restaurant which is buffalo wild wings and I’m giving her flowers and balloons.”

Yazalex Lopez, Freshman – “I’m going to go to church and celebrate it there and then after that were going to go take my mom out to eat and were going to take her to the spa.”

Even our most beloved and trusted teacher here at Tustin High still gives his mother something for the holiday.

Mr. Easter – “I sent my mother a card and in it was a $25 gift card to Sizzlers, her favorite restaurant;she’s 83 years old and that’s about all she can do; just go to dinner.”

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