Varsity Baseball vs Pacifica


By: Jocelyn Cervantes

On a hot and blazing Friday afternoon, the Tustin Tillers went on to play the Pacifica Mariners after a winning game of 2-0 on Wednesday, April 29. The Tiller’s defense started strong as pitcher Cole Hoskins skillfully struck out the Mariners with no runs made during the first and second inning. Austyn Tengan and veteran Dustin Durand made the first two runs in the second, giving the Tillers the lead 2-0.

Unfortunately the Mariners caught up and scored two runs in the third. The score stayed constant throughout the third, fourth, and fifth innings. With a tie score, the Tillers entered the sixth with captain Jose Ayala pitching in for Hoskins. Ayala was later replaced with veteran Tony Barrios. The Tillers struggled during the sixth on both the offense and defense, allowing the Mariners the chance to score two more runs, giving them a lead of 5-2.

The Mariners later went on the score another four more runs in the last inning. It looked like the Tillers were done for, but they entered the last inning with determination. Durand was the first to score a run in the seventh, followed up by Dalton Rasmussen, David Bohorquez and Anthony Walters. The seventh ended with a score 9-6, giving the Pacifica Mariners the win.

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