Prom Hairstyles


By Viri Perez, McKenna Lopez, Kaylee Hanzich

Prom is an event that most of us dreamt of as little girls and boys. Arriving with your breathtaking date,  everyone’s eyes are focused on you because you are simply radiating confidence and pure beauty all while dressed in the most gorgeous dress. However, the dress isn’t the only thing you need to complete the perfect look. You absolutely cannot forget accessories, makeup, shoes and hair. Although all of those things are very important.

Prom dresses attract all the attention, but you need a rockin’ hairstyle to compliment your dress. We don’t all have the money to go to a salon and get our hair done professionally. Who does after spending all that money on the perfect dress and shoes? If you have a friend who can braid, try asking them for some help.

Make it known that you are available to help with hair for prom if you are looking to make some money and can do some cute braids and hairstyles.

1.Begin with a top dutch braid and braid all the way back to the middle back of your head.

2.Do this one both sides of the head and hold them with some sort of elastic.

3.Underneath the top braid, do the same thing to both sides again.

4.Now connect all four and try braiding them together. If not, just tie it back with an elastic and ta-da!

DSC_0094 DSC_0095 DSC_0096

1.Use the two braids in the first tutorial and loosen them.

2.Grab one piece of the hair that wasn’t braided start to tuck it in.

3.Repeat this until all the hair is tucked in.

4.Make sure to create a round like shape and nest the hair behind the braids.

5.Secure it all with bobby pins.


1.French braid one side of your hair going down and stop in the middle of your neck.

2.Bobby pin the braid underneath the hair on the the other side.

3.Sweep your hair to the side.

4.Curl/straighten,or leave it alone for the hair that is down.


1. Grab top hair layer

2. Braid both side of your hair and pin the back

3. Take the upper layer of hair let it down to cover the bair in the back

4. Curl the bottom or you could leave it straight

DSC_0114 DSC_0118

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