Falling In Love (With Yourself) At A Coffee Shop



Jocelyn You and Abigail PidazoBy Abigail Pidazo and Jocelyn You

On April 27, two up-and-coming writers, who want more out of the world, participated in an “open mic night” at The Lost Bean Cafe, a local coffee shop comfortably situated on Newport and Irvine Blvd. The coffee shop hosts this weekly event in hopes of getting aspiring artists to speak their minds, whether it be through music, poetry, or even stand-up comedy.

The shop presents an intimate atmosphere closely resembling one’s own humble abode. With its organic coffee and loose-leaf teas, locals of Tustin come through the doors expecting a personal experience each and every time. Its aura sets off a feel that welcomes anybody and everybody. People with their own interests and talents are able to come and express themselves. Sitting in on an open mic night as an audience member is enough to make you smile beyond belief-without even noticing the Cheshire-cat-grin plastered upon your face. But performing at an open mic night? Oh man, performing at an open mic night is enough to make your heart race faster than the boys in The Fast and The Furious. It’s enough to make your head spin in every single direction. Performing at open mic night –what a life changing experience.

Walking into the shop, knowing that you’re about to read your poetry out loud for the first time, is one of the most enthralling, yet heart-stopping feelings. Putting your name down on the sign-up sheet is the moment you realize that what you’re doing is real; it’s official. Ordering a piping hot drink and sipping it slowly in hopes of calming down before the performance, sets the anticipating feeling.

Hearing the host count down the names before yours brings a shock wave throughout your entire body. And then your name is called. Your name is called and you walk up to the microphones, and you’re looking at the audience with deer-in-the-headlights eyes. You fumble with the microphone and clear your voice. But then the nerves start to calm. Your heart stabilizes and your mind clears. You begin your performance, and you feel your words touching the audience. You have attention from complete strangers, and suddenly the words are flowing from your mind to your paper to out your mouth. The words are flowing and you can feel your soul growing and your heart expanding. The words keep flowing, but suddenly it stops, and it’s like the past five minutes didn’t even happen. You get up to leave, but as you’re departing from the microphone, you feel a sense of pride in yourself. That’s it. You did it.


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