My World With Strings

In this series of art, Lara Pina, Chelsie Emlinger & Evelyn Carrillo will each be making a piece of work that embodies a topic that they decide. Lara draws, Chelsie writes short stories, and Evelyn writes poetry. This series has been titled “My World With Strings”


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Lighting My World With Lies:

 My body is hollow,

Strings controlling my every movement.

My dreams controlled by a being,

a being of nothingness.

I can’t move for the being has consumed me,

lighting my world with lies.

The strings all have their meaning,

depression, failure, unworthiness, unmotivated, and unloved.

For I, have had a broken heart inside my hollow body for quite some time.

All around me are flames that taunt me,

taunting me with their laughter and crackles,

But ahead of me, I see a light, a light far brighter than any I’ve ever seen.

All I can do is see ahead of me,

I can’t move,

But I must, I must feel the warmth of the light ahead of me,

I must move.

One step after another was heavy but plausible,

The strings tugged and pulled, why is it so difficult to get out?

At last the strings finally broke.

I am free,

free from this world that was lighting my world with fire,

I walked, shaken, and could see a path.

The light was warm, and very gently.

I looked behind me and could see the strings lie on the floor,

Ahead was a new beginning,

My world was now going to be better from now on,

I looked behind me once more, leaving this place forever,

The universe that was lighting my world with lies.


I sat in the room where I could see nothing, and felt afraid. I was never in control of my situation, being pulled one way or another. I was continually being controlled and whenever I called for help, no one seemed to hear. They all just laughed at me like I was a joke. I was as a slave to the ones who had the authority over me. I was assumed as the casualty to make anyone happy. It would cost my own joy, a price seemingly worthless.

I woke up to the sounds of cheering and laughter, though I couldn’t remember falling asleep. From behind my dark cell I could hear them chant my name. The door opened and I was dragged out into the open, into the bright lights, into the jeering “fans.” No one seemed concerned as to how I was feeling. “Go on out and perform a show,” my captivator told me. I slowly stood on my stage, staring out at the sea of humans. I had one thought in my mind echoing around, “why?”

 Why should I have to perform and why should their happiness be at the cost of my own? Why should I be so concerned as to how they feel over my very own mind? No, I just can’t take this horrible scrutiny any longer. No more dancing and smiling or flopping around like an idiot. This is my own life to live and I will live it as I please. I would walk the streets and feel the sun on my skin. I could go where I please whenever the urge appears. I would very soon receive my freedom that is way overdue.

I broke the tough strings that held tight to me. I took one last look at the confused crowd before running away. I would be running away from everything I had known my entire life. I won’t have to hide in the cell of my brain’s thoughts anymore though. I will be free of the cage of my mind. I ran down the street, I would have to escape quickly to get away from my captivators, my enslavers. I ran past the houses that I would never live in as my own. Now I will be my own person free to do as I please. I ran over the stone bridge that separated my town and the next one over.

I looked back and saw the town I was leaving behind. I saw the houses, the streets, and the people I used to know. I refused to be used any longer though as my masters puppet. I looked down over the bridge at the water and saw my future. I was going to start over as me this time, no more hiding and letting people take over me. I wanted to be free and now I am, but I still stand unsure. I won’t let any of my feelings for the few good memories I had take me away from my dream. I continued walking down the bridge onto the sidewalk, to the town over on the other side. I’m leaving behind the lies and the ropes that bound me down.

 I am free of my strings.


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