An End to a Beginning – Boys’ Lacrosse

By Karley Bailey

This year is a new transition of gains for Tustin High School Boys’ Lacrosse. The 2015 Season has come to a close with an unfamiliar yet fulfilling winning-streak and a brand-new coach, Derek Johnson. Boy’s Lacrosse is at seven wins and ten losses. Although this may not seem like an accomplishment for a sport, comparing this season so far to their past records, this is an astounding achievement.

The all time record for games won for Tustin High is six in the 2010 season. The team, under new management, has proven itself worthy and demonstrates a sincere accomplishment for Tustin High School Athletics. The team has progressed magnificently in the past years. Specifically, this year the team has bonded and created an irreplaceable chemistry that has created the main component for improvement.

Another obvious component is the new management of Coach Johnson. Jorge Barrera exclaims, “Johnson makes us condition a lot. He knows how to keep us in shape for season, even making us come in on days we shouldn’t be practicing. He has really made the team better because he knows how to run plays.” Lacrosse is certain to progress even more next year with Coach Johnson’s constructive coaching.

Matt Gaddis’ endeavoring words provide a sense of true accomplishment for his team,“Being on the team last year versus being on the team this year, I’ve seen awesome improvement in everyone that’s played, and I’m proud of all of them.”

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