Tustin High School Band Performs at Beckman

By Neil Slater

The Tustin High School band performed at a Spring concert at Beckman High School this Wednesday in Beckman’s auditorium. The concert consisted of Tustin’s band and orchestra and was the final concert of the year. Tustin’s play list consisted of: Fanfare for the Third Planet, Loch Lomond, The Crosley March, Disneyland Celebration, Into The Storm,for the finale, Symphony No. 2. and from the Orchestra: Symphony no. 15 – Finale, Symphony no. 27 – Finale, Strolling, Symphony No 2 – Finale, The Beach Boys, Una Noche Caliente , Autumn from the Four Seasons, and Appalachian Sunrise.

An audience member exclaimed that it was, “An amazing show. And I would love to watch it again.”

Some said they were blown away with our performance. After the show, we headed back to Beckman’s band room, packed our things, and left with smiles on our faces. A special shout out to Beckman for letting us use their stage, their band room, and some of their equipment. The performance would not have gone the way it did without Beckman’s help.

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