Plump that Pout- Jenner Style

By: Amanda Klotz

The newest trend circling social media and YouTube has been dubbed the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”, named after the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan who has gained much media attention recently for having a dramatic increase in the size of her lips.  Controversy arose after noticeable changes appeared not only in her lips, but in other features of her face, such as her eyebrows and nose.  Her lips, however, had the most dramatic transformation of them all.


In the challenge, gullible teens take small, round containers, such as shot glasses, insert their lips, and suck for, on average, 5 minutes.  The negative pressure from suction causes the blood vessels in the lips to fill with blood and release the chemicals histamine and leukotrienes.  Once the chemicals spread throughout the soft tissue, the lips begin to swell up and duplicate the Kylie-esque pout.

lips2 lips4

Although bigger, fuller lips are en vogue, using this technique can lead to the bursting of blood vessels around the mouth and possible bruising; sucking for any longer than 60 seconds could result in long term damages.  Some have even experienced the glass breaking due to the pressure, which resulted in serious injuries requiring stitches.


Alternatives to this harsh technique would be to consult a highly certified and trusted plastic surgeon regarding lip injections or use makeup to enhance your lips in their natural state.

lips5 lips6


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