Twenty One Pilots: Set To Impress

By Kristina Ching

With the recent release of a brand new single off of the upcoming album, alt duo Twenty One Pilots gave the first taste of what to expect on Blurryface. However, it is important to point out that “predictable” is probably the last word you should associate with the pair from Colombus, Ohio. Since their creation in 2009, vocalist Tyler Joseph (who also showcases his talents on the ukulele and piano) and drummer Joshua Dun have been anything but that.

Tyler Joseph on ukelele.
Tyler Joseph on ukelele.

The band’s third album Vessel offers an explosive sound that cannot be contained within the confines of merely a single genre. They open the album with Ode to Sleep, an eerie and dark synth heavy track that morphs into an upbeat, catchy chorus and then seamlessly melts back into Joseph’s second verse. Holding on to You,  the second song on the album reached the #10 spot on Billboard US’ alternative chart and is a perfect example of Joseph’s vocal versatility.

Vessel's album art, which featured Joseph's and Dunn's grandfathers.
Vessel’s album art, which featured Joseph’s and Dun’s grandfathers.

The record also tackles some heavy topics, touching on suicide and anxiety through beautifully written metaphors and clever rhymes in Car RadioMigraine, and Guns for Hands.  Lyrically, Twenty One Pilots resonates on a level far deeper than just memorable choruses. Fans of the band, their “clique,” are devoted to not only the members, but their music. Their mantra; stay alive. The entire album plays on an underlying message of motivation and hope.

In interviews Joseph and Dun show nothing but undying love for their supporters. Preaching positivity and self-love, the two are undeniably caring about the people who listen to their music and it reflects back into their passion for their craft. The same passion that is sure to be prominently displayed on their next album, Blurryface available May  19.

Blurryface's album art.
Blurryface’s album art.

They have been nominated for two awards at the Alternative Press Music Awards for Most Dedicated Fanbase and Best Live Band. Both nominations are testaments to their ability to create an experience for their fans, one that leaves them feeling as if they are a part of something much bigger than themselves.

Twenty One Pilots giving a thrilling festival show.
Twenty One Pilots giving a thrilling festival show.

[Fairly Local,] the newest music from Twenty One Pilots, is fairly reminiscent of Ode to Sleep with its stuttering synth and more hip-hop oriented vocals, however this track never morphs into a cheery, piano pounding chorus. The song is chilling and accompanied by an even more intense video.

For fans, it walks a thin line between familiarity and experimentation, and is a far cry from the band’s self- titled debut.

There’s a certain bravery that has manifested in the evolution of their discography and their sound. Joseph and Dun aren’t afraid to grow as artists, and Fairly Local is beautiful proof of that. Stay strong, live on. Power to the local dreamer |-/

Check out the video for the first track off the album, Fairly Local.

They also released a video for Tear in My Heart, their second song off the album.

Grab tickets for their world tour with Echosmith here,

You can also vote for Twenty One Pilots for having Most Dedicated Fanbase and for Best Live Band here.



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  1. Mr. Weaver says:

    I think you sold me on the band and album. I love bands that create live experiences for their fans Great work Kristina!

  2. viviana says:

    I love Twenty One Pilots! I love their cover of “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

    1. Kristina says:

      I love that cover too, it’s one of my favorite songs they’ve done (:

  3. Maria says:

    Holy crap I haven’t even found a single person on this campus who listens to them so this article makes me happy

  4. Lily says:

    This article is amazing, there are so few people on campus that I know that listen to their music and this article definitely explain what they’re all about❤

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