Tillers Dominate Saturday’s game 17-1

By Jocelyn Cervantes, Editor

Saturday morning the Tustin Tillers walked onto the field ready to beat the Hillcrest Trojans. Starters for the game included Blake Akins (pitcher), Hector Rivera (catcher), Cole Hoskins (first base), Brian Nguyen (second base), Brennan Black (third base), Anthony Walters (shortstop), Jesus Inocencio (left field), Dailin Lee (center), and Dustin Durand (right field).

The Tillers started their game with a bang. Blake skillfully and quickly struck out the Trojans in the first. First to bat for the Tillers, Walters, who hit a double, followed by Hoskins who walked to first. Lee bunted and sent Walters to third and Hoskins to second. With bases loaded, Akins hit a single sending Walters home to score the first run for the Tillers. With one out, Durand, hit by a pitch, walked to first, sending Hoskins home.  With a double play, the Trojans struck out the Tillers  only after Lee reached home, giving the Tillers a 3-0 lead.

In the second, Brennan walked to first and then ran to third after Nguyen’s single. Third to bat, Anthony was tagged out after Brennan scored the fourth run, and Brian stole third. Cole, with a single, sent Brian home. After Lee struck out, Blake hit a single moving Cole to second. Tony Barrios was tagged out ending the second inning. Tillers-5 Trojans-0.

The third started with Duran walking to first and then, Rivera hitting a single shifting Dustin to second. Brennan, with a bunt, went to first; Hector to second, and Dustin tagged out before he reached third base. Next to bat, Nguyen hit a double, Rivera scored, and Black moved to third. Hit by pitch, Anthony walked. With bases loaded, Hoskins struck out. Lee’s single sent Black home, Nguyen to third, and Walters to second. Aikins was tagged out after Brian reached home, ending the third 8-0 Tillers.

Dominic Lokeijak made the only run in the fourth for the Tillers. Walters started the sixth inning for the Tillers with a double. Cole was tagged out and Anthony moved to third. Lee hit a single, sending Walters home. Aikins’ single moved Lee to second. With a double play, the Trojans struck out David Bohorquez and Aikins concluding the fifth. Tillers-10 Trojans-0.

In the sixth, Trojan’s female player, Jade Gortarez (#3, second base) scored their first and final run.

Tiller offense started with Dalton Rasmussen walking to first. Next, Rivera hit a single, moving Dalton to second. Black’s single shifted Dalton to third and Hector to second. With bases loaded, Nguyen hit a single and Rasmussen scored for the Tillers. Walters’ single resulted in Rivera tagging out and moving Black to third and Nguyen to second. Hoskins hit a single, shifting Walters and Nguyen to second and third, and sending Black home. Again, bases loaded, Lee hit a single, sent Nguyen home, shifting the other base runners. Aikins walked to first forcing Walters home and moving Hoskins to second and Lee to third. Bohrquez hit a single and Hoskins scored for the Tillers.  Dalton, hit by pitch, walked to first, forcing Lee home. With bases loaded, Rivera hit a single and Rasmussen was tagged out; Aikins scored, Shifting Bohrquez to third. The sixth ended after Black struck out. Tillers lead 17-1.

The last inning started with Cory Bradley pitching, Tyler Ryan as first baseman, Hoskins in left field and Rasmussen in right field. Tiller defense struck out the Trojans before they could make a run, giving the Tillers a 17-1 victory. That same afternoon the tired yet ecstatic Tillers played Murrieta Valley Nighthawks, winning with 4-2. Dustin Durand, Dailin Lee, Anthony Walters, and Cole Hoskins all scored.


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