Adventure to Bordertown


By Destiny Gomez

School is the bane of my existence. Every day I sit in silence, listening to the commanding voices of my teachers telling me what to do, what not to do. Don’t get me wrong I love to learn, but I need a break; today my wish was granted. Gustavo Arellano, author of Taco USA,  and editor of O.C Weekly, was the magical wizard who invited, Mrs. Robinson, Nayeli, Karley and me to the screening of “Bordertown,” the next big show to hit Fox. Without hesitation we accepted the offer and set off to Los Angeles.

The ride to Fox Studios in North Hollywood was gruesome.  Riding in the cramped cab of Mrs. Robinson’s truck wasn’t ideal, but was totally worth it.  When we arrived, the building was a shiny portal to my escape from school. I entered with the biggest grin on my face. I haven’t even seen the show yet and I’m already stupid happy to see it. The interior of the building oozed creativity, and was adorned with posters of “Bordertown.”  At first glance of the posters I laughed to see how accurate the portrayal of the characters were to the description of the show.

The “white family” has the fairest skin; the father overweight and fixed with a Hitler-like mustache. The mom, has peppy red hair, and an overweight child in her arms–classic.

The “Mexican family” has the creamy chocolate skin color of pride. The father has the biggest smile covered with a Latino ‘M’ shaped mustache. The mom stares off into space while her child wrecks everything– that blew my mind.

While we waited to see the sitcom, I turned and saw people pouring in with eager faces; they looked like they needed to laugh. As we filed into an office- type room,  we caught a glimpse of Mark Hentemann the producer of the show; his aura was gold. Finally the lights dimmed and the show began. I could hardly contain my excitement. I readily sat on the edge of my seat.

The show began by introducing the two main families, the white Buckwald’s and the Mexican Gonzalez family. To my amusement, as sad as it is, the daughter Gert is a five-year-old who weighs 180 pounds, HAHAHA, poor kid. Now, the Gonzalez family isn’t perfect either. Their son Pepito has a destructive case of ADHD. He destroys anything in his path, ANYTHING.

The most hilarious part of the show are the parents. They’re completely oblivious.  They have no clue what is going on around them (Sounds a lot like the parents today). As the show progressed I noticed how any grumpy people I saw this morning now laughed and clapped.

Contrary to all the laughs, the show has a deep meaning. “Bordertown” exclusively depicts the ongoing growth of Mexican-Americans in the U.S. The relationship cleverly depicts the relationship between the two cultures. We’re born into this world alone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to live alone. We all need to come together and act as one diversified family. This show will bring the idea of family out in the open and unite all. How’s that for a life changing show? Pretty sweet.

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