The Universe


By Jocelyn You

Being a seventeen-year-old heartbroken girl really got me thinking. All those thoughts that I so freely wrote on my Tumblr needed to be shared with other people who could relate or benefit from them. So here it is: the universe. It’s funny how things work out. Missing a train could lead to finding the love of your life; bumping into a person on the street could lead to finding someone who you thought you lost forever. What if, in another universe, we are somebody completely different? What if everything that is happening to us is the complete opposite from whatever’s happening to the alternate us? What if everything that’s occurring in our lives is happening for the exact reason we think it is, which is because things happen the way they’re supposed to? Like it’s all planned out for us. Whether it’s a message from the universe, the stars aligning, or fate itself, it seems as if things have a way of falling into place the way they’re supposed to-whether we like it or not.

In high school it seems as if everything is complicated and like we’re all trying to figure it out. But if you stop and pay attention, things get simpler and you realize that everything that is happening to you is exactly what is supposed to be happening. Different factors come into play in your life and people leave, people change, but only to make room for better chapters. It’s almost as if people come just at the right moments.

Growing up we encounter people and experiences that impact our lives forever. It shapes how we are as people and how we grow into ourselves. The good and the bad add up and make us individuals. Maybe we all have choices to make and those may decide what happens to us, but things have to happen for a reason. Something has to work to get us to where we’re going. Something has to put people in our lives. Something has to give us the bad, and then make us wait for the good. Something has to give us the natural instinct to trust that things will always end up okay. The question is: do you believe it’s the universe sending us signals? Or am I just crazy…



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