5-Step Everyday Affordable Fresh Face Makeup

By: Kaylee Hanzich

 As a particularly girly girl, I love make up. I believe that women are truly gorgeous with or without make up, but here is a quick tutorial for those who aren’t as skilled with the fun products and are looking to brighten up their appearance with a few easy tricks. All of the products listed can be found at Target, CVS, any drugstore or Ulta. You absolutely do not need to purchase all of these exact products to complete the look, these are only my personal favorites and recommendations. Feel free to try other products that may fit better in your personal price range.

Step 1


Step 1 Concealer: Start off your look with a concealer for under eye bags that will make your eyes brighter and appear more awake on those school mornings when you wish you could have gotten just one more hour of sleep. Here is a great lightweight concealer found at Target for $3.99 called, “Maybelline Fit Me Concealer”

If you are looking for a concealer that is a bit more full coverage to conceal blemishes and darker under eye bags, check out “Sonia Kashuk All Covered Up Concealer” $9.99 from Target. It works like a charm and I love the creamy consistency!

To apply this, simply draw an upside down triangle on your under eyes and blend it all in.

Step 2 Foundation or BB cream: One of my favorite products is a BB cream.  BB cream is a tinted moisturizer that usually contains SPF. It’s an amazing product to protect skin from the sun and moisturize at the same time. Most BB creams are lightweight, don’t clog pores or create breakouts and it feels like there’s almost nothing on your skin which is awesome! One of my favorites is BBs, “Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 6-in-1 Beauty Balm Protector” also found at Target for the price of $6.29. Available in a variety of shades. To apply BB cream, distribute some of the product (about a penny in size) onto the back of your palm, then make dots with the product all over your face and blend away.You can either use your fingers or a cosmetic wedge to blend the product in since it’s not a formula that is nearly as thick as foundation.

Use this same method of application for applying foundation minus using your fingers.

If you are looking for something with full coverage such as a foundation, but that is still not heavy and cakey on the face, “Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Makeup Foundation” is definitely one to try. It does an incredible job at covering any mild to severe imperfections and blemishes. This product is easily one of my personal favorite drugstore foundations. The price ranges between $4.09-$12.99 and the product lasts a long time on the face and in the bottle!

Never use your fingers to apply foundation. It’s too thick of a consistency and blending will have lines. I suggest using a cosmetic wedge, the famous Beauty Blender Sponge, or a regular foundation brush. If you are someone who prefers to not use liquid makeup, try a powder foundation. These products are my favorite especially in the summer when it’s extremely hot outside, and I would prefer to not have my makeup melt off of my face. “L’oreal Paris True Match Naturale Mineral Foundation” $11.99 at Target.

Step 2 3 Step 2 5 Step 2 Step 2 2



Step 3 Powder: This step is only required if you applied a liquid makeup of any sort. It’s crucial to set your liquid makeup with a powder so that your skin doesn’t appear oily throughout the day. Here are some great powders for setting liquid makeup. “Neutrogena Shine Control Powder” claims control oil for up to 8 hours and is translucent therefore, skin tones of all kinds can use this product. It is quite pricey at $11.39, but you really do get what you pay for. This is always my go-to powder.

Revlon’s “Nearly Naked Powder” is the second step to the “Nearly Naked Foundation,” priced at $7.99-$10.59 it’s an excellent way to finish off your foundation. To apply powder, take a large powder brush. (Elf has a great one for $3 at Target) or the sponge included with the product, and distribute the product all over your face as well as blending on your neck.

Step 3 1 Step 3 2

Step 4 Blush: Blushes come in all different kinds of formulas, but the one I recommend the most to beginners is a powder formula. “Milani Baked Blush” in Luminoso is a gorgeous peachy/rose gold shade. It’s the perfect shade for Spring and Summer especially to compliment any tan. If you are one who prefers no sparkles, go with a matte shade. A pretty one is “Elf Studio Blush” in Pink Passion. Keep in mind that this a very pigmented shade of pink so a little definitely goes a long way. When applying blush use a blush brush (Elf Studio Blush Brush $3 at Target) smile and brush the product on the apples of your cheeks towards your ears. Always a back and forth motion, never in a circular motion.

Step 4 1

Step 5 Mascara: Now for my most favorite step of all, mascara! You can never go wrong with this product. It completes the look and brightens big beautiful eyes. Some of most reached for drugstore mascaras include, “Maybelline Great and Lash Lots of Lashes” $4.49, “Rimmel London Scandaleyes Lycra Flex” $5.49 and my current favorite “CoverGirl LashBlast Clump Crusher” $6.99 each of these formulas are fantastic for lengthening and volumizing eyelashes for a full and exquisite effect.  All come in waterproof formulas as well.

To apply mascara, swipe the wand on your upper lashes a few times in an upwards motion and downwards for your bottom lashes. For a more detailed description on how to apply mascara check out some awesome YouTube videos that will show you exactly what to do.

Step 5 1 Step 5 2


Hope you enjoyed these easy simple tricks and tips. Remember makeup or not, you’re all beautiful!



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