Spreading the News About Journalism: We are on the Rise


by Karli Stichter

Yesterday, Journalism students got the opportunity to visit C.E. Utt Middle School and present to students about iTHSmedia (Journalism and Yearbook.) This marks the first year of Journalism at Tustin High for six years, it is also the first time Journalism students presented in front of a middle school audience. For a first year class filled with students with a passion to help the Journalism class to grow and thrive, the presentations were exceptional.

Before Journalism took the stage, Mr. Zamora and Priscilla Reyes talked about iTHS media and its correlation to Yearbook. Then it was Journalism’s time to shine. First up was Clay Miller with an upbeat speech that caught the 8th graders’ attention. He explained some of the common questions 8th graders considering Journalism may have, answered those questions. Next in line, Dylan Allan who talked about his own personal experience in Journalism. After Dylan, Kristina Ching and Jillian Owens presented how it felt to be a Freshman in Journalism. They related well to the 8th grade audience. Last to take the stage was Katelyn Merrell and then me. Both Katelyn and I explained to the students five parts of Journalism that we admire the most, and then went further to explain the benefits of taking the class and even some of our own personal experiences in the program.

Mrs. Robinson ended the presentation with a time for students to ask questions and she re-emphasized the major points and focuses of the Tustin High School Journalism program. Even though this was the first time presenting about the program, the students proved Journalism is the class to consider.

The Journalism program is just beginning, and is on the rise. Goals and for the online magazine “The Pitchfork” are endless. The program and classes plan to grow and there are high expectations to continue improving in years to come. As Journalism continues to spark creativity, and to experiment with this revolutionized idea of journalism, Tustin High School students are given the opportunity to show their true colors.


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  1. Mr. Weaver says:

    I was there at Utt! Great presentation by all students and teachers involved. Over 120 Utt students listened and learned about a great opportunity at THS.

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