Is America Ready For Bordertown by Fox?

Mark Hentemann (left) and Gustavo Arellano (Right) at an episode screening of Bordertown by Fox
Mark Hentemann (left) and Gustavo Arellano (Right) at an episode screening of Bordertown by Fox
By Karley Bailey
“Bordertown” is an original animation series created by Mark Hentemann and co-produced by Seth Macfarlane (“Family Guy”). Staff writers include artist, cartoonist and writer, Lalo Alcaraz.   Gustavo Arellano, editor of OC Weekly and author of the book Taco USA, worked as a consultant. This new Fox series introduces a humorous new outlook on the mix of Latino/American culture. It proposes an innovative appeal to television–a show that unites two different audiences who will be drawn to not only laugh at themselves, but to laugh at the way two cultures collide, yet harmonize.


“Bordertown” beautifully distinguishes two cultures with two hilarious families who possess their own unique attributes.  From Gert Buckwald, an obese pageant child Honey-Boo-Boo like character, to Pepito Gonzalez, an ADHD struck little boy, “Bordertown” portrays a tranquil mix of pop-culture and typical family issues. With their own authentic knowledge of both Latino and American culture, writers and consultants perfectly distribute laugh induced jokes that leave the audience in endless chuckles. This dynamic Fox animated show is still in production with a tentative air date of September 2015.

The two center families in “Bordertown” demonstrate that cultures diverge from one another, yet how every family has similar dynamics. “Bordertown” will allow other cultures to appreciate Latino heritage and how it shouldn’t be demeaned. Expect to be shocked by the humor, and also to gain an appreciation and insight into how Latinos can often feel degraded.

It is immensely important to promote Latino American relations due to the growing Latino population in America. “Bordertown” addresses this extremely relevant topic in American society by captivating the audience with humor that transcends race. It is important to portray that even though not everyone gets along, nor has the same background, people will always be distinguished by how they present themselves or where they come from. This show depicts that different races can get along.

There is no show that even begins to do what this show does. It clarifies set boundaries between races in America. “Bordertown” is one of a kind; it provides a sense of peace between two merging cultures, while introducing unique satirical humor that will change the voice of animation and television.

Coming soon–a narrative detailing the experience of three Tustin High School journalists who attended the Bordertown screening.

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  1. Hunnybear says:

    I was fortunate enough to see a screening of border town and I anticipate September to be able to watch it on a regular basis I have one word for border town “Hilarious” !

  2. adrian castellanos says:

    Yes! Finally, some representation for the Latino communities!

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