The Full House Era, Back In Style

Right: Hope Bryson and Karla Sanchez displaying their 90’s style
Right: Hope Bryson and Karla Sanchez displaying their 90’s style

By Jocelyn You

The glory of scrunchies, high-waisted “mom” jeans, ruffled ankle socks, overalls, and crop tops had the limelight in the 80’s and 90’s. The style was modeled on popular shows like “Full House” and “Saved By The Bell” At a time when Madonna and Contempo Casual, mixed textures, bright clothing, baggy bottoms, and short tops were at their peak. However, at the start of a new millennium, men and women alike decided that the style had to go. For a while it did, but with their children finally growing up into teenagers and young adults, the style was kicked back into place.

American Apparel, a sweatshop free factory that makes “fashionable basics,” jumped on the opportunity to create 90’s inspired clothing. With its Helvetica-lettered, controversial pictured ads and billboards around big cities, American Apparel has captured the interest of several trendy youngins today. Girls sport the high-pony-in-a-scrunchie, high-waisted denim shorts, and cropped sweater look while boys walk with their heads high in neon windbreakers and colorblocked sweaters.

Urban Outfitters, a ridiculously hipster store with overpriced clothing, also supports the trend of bringing back the 80’s and 90’s through fashion. Oversized anoraks, jumpers, destroyed mom jeans, and neon New Balance sneakers are in high demand from Urban. Along with clothing, the store retails record players, vinyls, film cameras, phones attached to cords, and leather journals. So trendy, so vintage.

Thrift shopping made its way back to the list of things to do. Teenagers scavenge for old clothing that are sold for a couple bucks at the local Goodwill. High-waisted jeans that were thrown out by 40 somethin’ year old moms are cut into denim shorts, and oversized Tommy Hilfiger jackets that once belonged to college boys in the 90’s are now worn by teenagers who are looking to replicate their parents’ obviously cool looks.

Trends come around time after time again, kind of like history repeating itself-except, in a sense, this is history. It’s the history of fashion. With a blast to the past coming back in today’s fashion, one can only wonder what’s next to be brought back to life.

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