Lady Tillers Defeat Patriots

DSC_0097By Vanessa Cuellar

On Tuesday, March 10th, Lady Tillers varsity softball competed against rival Beckman Patriots on their home turf. This year’s team consists of many young athletes with only one senior (Mia Cuellar #8.) Going against girls with years of experience should have intimidated our Lady Tillers, but instead of cowering down they defeated the Patriots 5-3. The girls’ valiant determination and grit showed on the field as they chose not to back down to their opponent. With a record of 3-0, this season brings hope for many more victories.


Starters included Drea Deford (catcher), Katelyn Magana (first base), Erin Clement (second base), Kaitlin Phillips (shortstop), Mia Cuellar (third base),Valeria Partida (left field), Rylie Seip (center), and Ashley Romero (right field). The girls had the upper hand in the first inning with the score being 2-1. Running off of adrenaline and persistence, the Lady Tillers were able to hold down the Patriots to the end.

The Tustin Tillers softball team has a neutral tournament game vs. TBA on Saturday, Mar 14.



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