Tillers defeat the Timberwolves 11-5

By: Jocelyn Cervantes, Editor

On Thursday March 5, Tustin High’s varsity baseball team played Northwood High School at Tustin in their first preseason game. The game started with senior Dalton Rasmussen (#24) pitching against Northwood hitter #6, Andrew Kim. Dalton quickly struck out Northwood in the first 15 minutes of the game.Tustin’s Dailin Lee ( #14) was up first to bat hitting a single. The Tillers scored their first run when junior Anthony Walters (#18) hit a double sending Dailin home. Many more runs followed as the Tillers ended the first inning 11-0 against the Timberwolves. Runs for the Tillers were made by Nick Jacobson (#6), David Bohorquez (#7), Dailin Lee (#14), Blake Akins (#15), Anthony Walters (#18), Cole Hoskins (#20), and Hector Rivera (#25).

The boys kept their 11-0 lead up until the fourth inning when Northwood scored their first run. Northwood scored four more runs in the 6th inning, while Tustin kept their score constant. The Tillers beat the Northwood Timberwolves with a score of 11-5.

Season Preview:

The Tustin Tiller’s varsity team is made up of 19 players: 9 seniors, 9 juniors and 1 freshman. When asked about their expectations for this season the captains responded:

David Bohorquez (junior)- “I expect our season to go well, we work hard and we’re prepared for it.”

Hector Rivera (senior)- “I feel like we have a really solid team and if we don’t make it to playoffs it’ll be a big disappointment, so we should go pretty far.”

Jose Ayala (senior)- “We have the staff for it and a really talented team. The whole team wants it. We’re hungry for that win.”

Nick Jacobson (junior)- “I think our season is going to go fantastic. With the way these boys are coming out on top and just ready to go, I thinks it’s going to go awesome. I’m having a lot of fun too.”

These boys have been playing together for a few years now and are very close, so it can be a bit intimidating being the new guy on the field. Brian Nguyen (#4) is the only freshman on varsity this year. The confident youngster commented, “It feels good, it shows that I have a lot of courage.” But Brian is not alone in being the “new guy.” Tustin picked up three new transfers this year: Myles Thompson (junior #10), Anthony Walters (junior #18), and Austyn Tengan (junior #5). “I enjoy being a Tustin Tiller. I enjoy every single moment being with these guys. They’re like my family now, so it’s just a fun ride,” Myles Thompson noted. Anthony Walters added, “Its been a great transition into Tustin and I love it here and I think we’re gonna have a good season this year.”

The Tustin Tillers will play the Brea Olinda Wildcats this Saturday, March 7th.


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