United in Music

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By Alexis Diaz

For the first time in many years the Tustin High School, Beckman High School, and Foothill High School music programs came together to perform in Honor Band, Honor Orchestra, and Honor Jazz Band. Jazz band was directed by Tustin High’s Michael Fisk, orchestra by Beckman High’s Jim Kollias, and band by Foothill High’s Tim Thomas. Select students had the privilege to play with the best of the best in the Tustin Unified School District.

Prior to performing, students had to attend two three-hour rehearsals outside of class to fix any hiccups and to perfect their music. Days later, the concert was held in the Performing Arts Center at Beckman High School on February 23rd. Parents and peers rushed in at 7pm and filled the seats with ears ready to listen, and absorb the art and beauty of music. Artists have prepared weeks for this concert and are ready to  play their instruments with pride and passion.

Jazz band went up first and jammed out to pieces such as “Sing Sing Sing” and “Mood Indigo.” Orchestra followed jazz band; they presented “Momentum,” “Plink Plank Plunk,” and other arrangements. To finish off the wonderful night, band beautifully executed “Loch Lomond,” “Liberty Bell,” and “First Suite in E Flat.” Krystina Kusik played for both the jazz band and concert band and enjoyed the ordeal explaining, “It was great sitting with people from other schools and getting the feel of playing with them than the same people every day.”

Lauren Barnes played for the honor orchestra and delighted in performing with other students as well stating, “There isn’t a rivalry anymore and music just brings everyone together.” A successful first year of the honor band, honor orchestra, and honor jazz band pleased Tustin High’s music director Michael Fisk as he revels in the new program. He appreciates the opportunity granted his students and expresses “It’s great because students are able to get a chance to see the other talent in the district. Everyone forgets that there is so much more outside of the classroom.” The future is bright as ever for the flourishing music programs, and Mr. Fisk’s main goal is to make it more accessible to other students. Although rivals throughout the year, Tustin, Beckman, and Foothill put aside the friendly competition and stood united in music for one night. Nothing else mattered. The language of the world brought everyone in one accord, one voice. All starting with one passion. Music.

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Picture credits to Charles Landis



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