Game Night at Chapman University

By: Julia Klotz


With an almost full house and packed student section, the Chapman University Panthers took on the Cal Lutheran Kingsmen on their home court yesterday, February 19th. The Panthers, never surrendering their lead, managed to beat the Kingsmen by 16 points for a final score of 86-70.

Although the Panthers and many passionate Chapman students put on a good show, it was halftime that stole the audience. Coach Mike Bokosky and Coach Jon Ian allowed a team from Santa Ana’s Youth Basketball League to scrimmage against each other during halftime. During this time, the 5th and 6th graders were greeted by the biggest crowd they have ever experienced and were cheered on as they sprinted up and down the court.


Upon arrival to the university, the kids were generously greeted by Chapman students, cheerleaders, and coaches. The players, after settling down into their front row seats, were escorted along with the Panthers to the team room to listen to Coach Bokosky review the game plan and motivate his players. In the stands the kids were able to scream and chant along with the student body and feel part of the Chapman community.


The kids of Santa Ana will never forget this day. This was a terrific evening for the kids; who knows, the kids may someday be students at Chapman like our fellow Tiller Rob Nelson.

Catch the Panthers’ next game on Tuesday, February 24 at their home.


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