Yeezy Season Approachin’

Kanye West

By Jocelyn You

Kanye West. Father. Rapper. Designer. Artist. Icon. A man of lush style and a notorious mad-dog, Kanye West is the embodiment of rap within the last decade or so. Being the “god” of rap, Mr. West (aka his stage name Yeezy) went from being “The College Dropout” to “Yeezus.” The style of his music has progressed over time from pure rap about his struggles to a hipster, electronic beat with lyrics about how powerful he is now.

From his start as a kid from the streets of Chicago, Mr. West has had a strong drive in order to succeed. At the beginning of his rap career, West rapped about his frustration with the way life was handed to him. When he first released “The College Dropout,” he explained why he is the way he is.

West explained that he was never expected to be the best of the best-even as an eighth grader. The basketball coach didn’t allow him to be on the team, but West was determined to prove his best. He said, “I’m letting it out on everybody who doesn’t want to give me my credit.”

Since “The College Dropout,” Kanye released a few more albums including “Late Registration,” “Graduation,” “808s & Heartbreak,” “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” “Watch the Throne,” “Yeezus,” and is now working on an album that will drop in 2015. His music has influenced so many, including students of Tustin High.

When asked what he thinks about Kanye West, Senior Pete Tran says, “I like his music. I don’t like how he acts like he’s God and better than everyone. The only way Kanye inspires me is to have a pretty wife like Kim Kardashian. But again, I like his music. While David Bohorquez, junior comments, “To me, I just see him as proof of where confidence can get you. Great music, though.” Lucy Ramirez, freshman, said excitedly, “I like Kanye.”

From his seemingly egotistic persona to his songs full of lyrics that came from pure emotion, Kanye is controversial in the aspect that while his music may be amazing, Kanye being Kanye might ruin it. Between those who support Kanye and those who strongly dislike him, he sure earned his place in the spotlight over the years. His swagger, the way he talks, the confidence he radiates-Kanye West is a man of his own.



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